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Welcome to the Pirates Cove Diving Inc. Open water traning program! As the oldest and most trusted diving store in Wisconsin, we make every effort to offer the most friendly, safe and easy SCUBA training. The following information will outline the steps to get the most from your SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Air) experience. 

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PADI Open Water SCUBA Certification Program

Steps to Getting Scuba Certified (Open Water)

Our typical process for getting SCUBA Certified includes 3 main steps / phases:


1) PADI eLearning Program (at home online program) to develop knowledge and understanding of basic SCUBA principles and practice. Learn more about PADI eLearning. Or stop on by at the dive shop to get started!

2) Pool Dive / Confined Water Sessions - Time to get into the pool and practice! Upon completion of at least module 1 of eLearning, we will then have you schedule dates to sign up for in pool class sessions with a certified professional PADI instructor. Most students require 2 - 3 pool class sessions to master the PADI skills. For class scheduling and availability, please give us a call or check the posted dates below. 

* Every student must have their own set of mask, snorkel, fins, and wet suit boots. (See our selection of high quality professional SCUBA gear at the Pirates Cove Diving in store!)

More class information & dates below. 

3) Open Water Dive Sessions: After completing the e-learning and pool work sessions, students are required to schedule their Open Water Dives, offered May through October from Pirates Cove Diving. It is required that each student completed 4 total dives (which can be completed over 2 sessions / days).

*Following completion of the online training, visit the dive shop to complete a quick 25 question quiz review to verify you have understood and are ready for the Open Water Dive Sessions*

The 4 open water dives completes the final part of earning your PADI Open Water Diver Certification. Several days before your scheduled dives, you need to visit the store to be fitted with dive equipment. Times and location of the dives will also be confirmed. The open water dives must be completed within 12 months of the confined water session work. 

Referral Program: Headed somewhere on a dive trip this next year? You may elect to sign up for your eLearning and pool sessions, while completing your Open Water portion elsewhere. In which case, we would supply a record of your eLearning & pool sessions to take with you to your resort or referred instructor. *All costs would be decided by the referred instructor / resort. Contact them before arrival to get their costs and requirements. Must be completed within 12 months of final class / pool work.

Cost / Pricing

Beginner Open Water Diver: The complete course, including the online course, confined pool water sessions, and 4 open water dives is $525.00

(The online and pool class only is $425.00.  If you need to finish the open-water dives in a different location, we will give you a referral. 

Students may elect to pay only for the online course and pool sessions, which is $425.00. In which case Open Water dives are then $175.00 and must be completed within 6 months of final class / pool work. (Referral) 

note- there is a cost savings when the complete course is paid in full at the start of your class. 

Program Information Continued

Individualized InstructionEveryone learns at his of her own speed and pace. SCUBA training requires every student to master a variety of skills. To ensure the best possible results we will give any student all the (one on one) help they may require. On the other hand, students that want to concentrate their training may work ahead. 

Medical Condition(s): Scuba diving can be very easy and safe, but physical and mental conditions may impact on safety. If, after viewing the PADI Medical Statement, you have any questions or concerns you must get the RSTC Medical Statement form and have it signed by your physician before class starts. 

ReActivate : Already certified but looking to refresh your scuba skills? Take a reActivate course so you can feel comfortable and prepared for getting back in the water. Click here for more information 

Class Information / Dates

NEXT CONFINED WATER (POOL CLASSES): SUNDAYS: April 28, and May 5,  2024  1:00pm to 4:pm

LOCATION: Cudahy Middle School Pool: 5530 S Barland Ave, Cudahy, Wisconsin 

(off Grange to S O'Brien go behind school for pool entrance in parking lot) 

INSTRUCTORS: Jerry, Bob, and Mike

Any question about your SCUBA Training of PADI Open Water Certification please give us a call at (414) 588-6764 or you can directly reach Jerry at (414) 588-6764

We look forward to getting you started with your next scuba adventure! 


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