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Len-Der / SCUBA Training Charters 2023
(open water training dives)

These designated charter dates are for new scuba divers to get more times to learn and practice safe open fresh water dives. We plan on doing these charters on the Len-Der, unless weather makes it necessary to train at an inland lake. If we do not use the Len-Der for a Lake Michigan Dive, the cost is 1/2 the regular charter fee. 

These dates are open / available to all certified open water divers, and can count towards any PADI rating. They are usually to depths less than 50 feet. Most often these dives are to popular ship wrecks in Lake Michigan or to the Milwaukee Harbor break wall (waves permitting). If bad weather is predicted we will head over to Nagawicka Lake Beach to conduct the dives. 

The cost for these dives are $60.00 (Len-Der Charter) and $25.00(Nagawicka Lake). All equipment rental is half price at Pirates Cove Diving. 

DATES 2023

  • Thursday, June 22nd 

  • Thursday, July 28th 

  • Thursday, August 25th

  • Thursday, September 29th​

LEN-DER Dock Address / Contact

  • 318 S Water Street Milwaukee, WI 53204

  • Pirates Cove phone: (414) 482 1430

  • After hours phone: (414) 588-6764

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!

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