About Buccaneer’s Club
Dennis Fietz, master diver and former President of Pirate’s Cove, Inc, founded the Buccaneer’s Scuba diving club in 1970. The club is affiliated with the Pirate’s Cove scuba shop, located on Milwaukee’s south side. Members of the club come from all over Milwaukee, the surrounding counties and even neighboring states.
Buccaneer’s Club Diving Activities
The Buccaneers have regular monthly meetings to plan various activities. Dive trips on the LenDer charter on Lake Michigan include visits to the local Milwaukee wrecks Prins Willem, Milwaukee Car Ferry, and Dredge No 6; Port Washington wrecks Northerner and Niagara; and the Kenosha U.S.S. Wisconsin wreck. Out of state dives may take one to “Dive to the Center of the Earth" in Bonne Terre in Missouri, the wrecks of Straits of Mackinac in Wisconsin, or the wrecks of Tobermory Canada. Weekend camping and diving trip to Lake Wazee in Wisconsin is a popular summer activity for the whole family with great forest and wall diving for the divers and swimming on the sandy beaches for the non-divers. At the end of the day everyone enjoys a relaxing evening under the sky by a fire. If one is pressed on time there are always the nearby quarries and lakes one can visit in a half day for a quick dive or two. Winter ice dives have been traditionally held at Lake Nagawicka and Lannon Quarry while treasure hunt dives at Pewaukee Lake or Lake Geneva.
Buccaneer’s Club Other Activities
Diving is not; however, where the club activities leave off. Buccaneers members enjoy getting together for pool dives, Christmas parties, Ghost Ship Festival in Milwaukee, Our World Underwater in Chicago, watching shipwreck and IMAX movies, and other ad-hoc activities.
Buccaneer’s Club Vision
Today the club has four officials. The President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and News Editor/Secretary. Annual elections of officers keep the organization running smoothly. As the club grows we are looking to add other positions such as an Event Coordinator, Photographer, Web Developer, etc. Monthly newsletters keep the club members up-to-date about upcoming and past events. We would enjoy sharing publications and activities with other clubs in hopes of spreading information about club events and interests.
History of any organization is important to remember!  Below is the first attempt to record all the past presidents of the Buccaneers Scuba Club. View this on your computer, it does not work well on mobile devices.  Please let me know all the names you can fill in.  To motivate everyone to help me fill in this list I would like to offer a $5.00 Pirates Cove gift certificate reward for every name you email me.  The most recent names will be the easy ones so be the first to get in contact with me.  
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Buccaneers Club Presidents